It's tough to graduate in four years

But you'd think more would than do at these colleges and universities.  I feel bad for Dover, Delaware, home to two public colleges that seemingly graduate no one in four years. (I know, I know, that's an inaccurate overgeneralization.) Lynn O'Shaughnessy, blogging in The College Solution, lists the the bottom 25.  Here are the 13 with a 0% graduation rate. 

25 Universities With the Worst Graduation Rates
1.Great Basin College, NV 0%
2.Institute of Amer. Indian & Alaska Native Culture, NM 0%
3.Oklahoma State University Inst. of Technology, Okmulgee 0%
4.San Houston State University, Huntsville, TX 0%
5.Texas A&M University, Commerce 0%
6.Texas A&M International University, Laredo 0%
7.Alabama State University, Montgomery 0%
8.Macon State College, Macon, GA 0%
9.Dalton State College, Dover, DE 0%
10.Delaware State College, Dover 0%
11.Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis 0%
12.Southern University at New Orleans 0%
13.Louisiana State University, Shreveport 0%


So....... shall we need to give more time, i am a bit confuse about this graph, :S i need some more references for this.

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