A retention app

Now if it only can be loaded on smart phones.  From Higher Ed Morning.

The Tool That’s Boosting College Retention Rates
The freshman dropout rate is a problem facing colleges throughout the country. But there may be an unexpected tool that can help schools turn this around. Social networks – which some experts consider the downfall of education – may help keep students in school.

At least, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is betting on it.

They’re investing $2 million in Inigral, a company that’s using a Facebook application called Schools App to build a community among incoming college students.

Michael Staton, Inigral’s CEO, told npr.org: “What we do is make sure that when students arrive they either already have assembled or [can] very quickly assemble that kind of peer support.”

The basic idea: Getting freshmen immersed in their college community right from the start helps them find their comfort zone – and encourages them to stick around.

Not a bad idea, considering the average dropout rate at U.S. colleges is around 25% right now, according to Alltop.com.

Although more research is needed, some studies already have supported the idea that Facebook is a real “friend” when it comes to college retention.


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