South Carolina colleges and universities post spending

In anticipation of pending state legislation, colleges and universities in South Carolina are posting their financial expenditures on the interweb.  From the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

Showing support for a bill prefiled in the S.C. General Assembly, Clemson University and Trident Technical College have launched websites that show their financial expenditures.

Every expense paid by Clemson University from July 1, 2010, through the end of November — about 85,000 transactions — is now available for viewing on a spending transparency website, which went live Wednesday.

The website includes information about sources of funding and explanations of cost categories. The data presented on the sites can be customized by several factors. Clemson said the site will be updated as each month is closed.

Trident Tech’s transparency website has December spending online so far, with a note that says transactions through July will be posted “as soon as feasible.” The page also has links to the school’s annual financial reports from 2007 through 2010, and other information.


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