Focusing on adult college students in Nevada

With dire budgets cuts facing higher education in Nevada, the Las Vegas Sun notes that it's not just traditional-aged students who will suffer.  J. Patrick Coolican explains.

Who takes the hit when education funding is cut?
There seems to be a misconception out there that when we talk about supporting higher education we’re talking about fraternity boys playing beer pong or guys in tweed coats smoking pipes and ruminating about Dostoevsky.

There’s perfectly good justification for those aspects of university life, as the fortunate sons and daughters of Nevada privilege can attest. But the reality is that our higher ed system is mostly geared toward getting large numbers of nontraditional students the basic skills and training they need to get jobs.

Of the 114,000 students in the Nevada System of Higher Education, for instance, 44,000 of them last fall were students at the College of Southern Nevada.

Let’s meet some.


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