I'm afraid on some days

I need more motivation that this. Josh Bernoff passes on a motivational tip.

A motivational trick: your password
If your company is like mine, you need to change your password every three months or so.

Next time, don't just create something easy to remember that fits the IT department's arcane requirements. Think of something that will motivate you.

When I was considering writing Groundswell, my password was "Writer50", a reminder that if I really thought I could be an author, I had better publish a book by the time I turned 50.

What's your motivational password?
Yeah, they'll take a second or two longer to type than if you chose a password to be mindless. But being mindful, for two seconds at the start of every day, is probably worth it.

And no one's gonna guess it, because it's so personal. (You'll never guess what I'm working on now.)


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