Oh, she said "texting" . . .

Although I love my iPhone and iPad, I rarely take them to bed.  At least at home. By Carla Fried writing in CBS MoneyWatch.com.

Why Texting in Bed Can Be Bad for Your Career
Somewhat paradoxically, staying connected to the office from bed could be bad for your career. A persistent sleep deficit makes you less productive, and the sort of crank who doesn’t collaborate well with colleagues.

Here’s how you can, um, sleep your way to the top:
  • Shut down the gadgets. Watching television in bed has always been a popular pre-sleep ritual. Indeed, 79 percent of NSF survey respondents say they watch television in the hour before they try to go to sleep. But now, more Americans are engaging with interactive technology: 40 percent say they are working on their computer in bed, 38 percent report texting in bed, and 19 percent are dealing with work-related emails (39 percent say they are emailing with friends and family.) Sleep researchers say these kinds of devices may not be as sleep-inducing as passively watching late-night TV, or gulp, actually reading. “Unfortunately cell phones and computers, which make our lives more productive and enjoyable, may also be abused to the point that they contribute to getting less sleep,” says Russell Rosenberg, head of the National Sleep Foundation’s 2011 task force.


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