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A revised higher education funding formula approved Wednesday is based more on graduation rates and enrollment levels at the end of each academic semester, rather than the typical beginning count.

The new formula would punish the Southern University System the most.

The performance-based funding formula is designed to base 25 percent of each college’s operating budget on goals set last year by the LA GRAD Act legislation, which allows schools to hike tuition by up to 10 percent annually for meeting performance targets.

The updated formula was unanimously approved Wednesday by the Louisiana Board of Regents, despite some complaints by college leaders.

Gov. Bobby Jindal and some legislators have asked the Regents to simplify the formula and connect it more to the GRAD Act and graduation rates.

A CBS News report Tuesday highlighted LSU’s 60 percent rate in graduating students in six years as the focus of a story on major universities struggling to graduate students.

While LSU has the best rate of public colleges in the state and is on par with about half the Southeastern Conference, LSU still lags far behind the best of the public schools in the SEC like the University of Florida and the University of Georgia, which have graduation rates near or above 80 percent.

LSU makes a small gain as a result of the new funding formula. Baton Rouge Community College loses 2.65 percent, or nearly $300,000, and Southeastern Louisiana University would take a 3.18 percent hit, or $1.3 million.

The formula sets a maximum 4 percent funding cut that schools can receive from the formula and Southern University and LSU at Alexandria are the only universities to suffer the maximum loss.

Southern University System President Ronald Mason Jr. said it is unfair to punish Southern more when the university needs the most help to turn its problems around.


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