This bodes well for my future

I always knew being skinny wouldn't pay off in the long run.  I had my required health screening from my health insurance nazis, and my BMI placed me a long way from skinny.  From Sean Silverthorne, writing in

Want a Big Pay Raise? Lose Some Weight (If You're a Woman)
If you are a woman and need an extra incentive to lose some weight, how about this one: Your paycheck could be $16,000 per year higher over the length of your career.

If you are a man, however, different rules apply (shocker). If your poundage drops too far, your pay could dip also, to the tune of $8,000 annually.

So says recent research by Timothy A. Judge of the University of Florida and Daniel M. Cable of London Business School.
According to an account of the study in the, a woman who is 25 pounds below the mean earns $389,300 more across a 25-year time span than an average-weight woman. A man, on the other hand, earns $210,925 less, on average if his weight is 25 pounds below the mean.


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