Using continuing education to offset cuts

North Carolina State University plans to emphasize summer school and distance education to improve efficiencies in the face of budget cuts as much as 15%.  On the other hand, they're eliminating the position of vice chancellor for extension, engagement, and economic development.  I'm assuming they will retain the functions....From the

NCSU tries to manage cuts
Among other things, the reorganization plan calls for collating business operations into a handful of offices, and for putting more emphasis on summer school and distance learning to make more efficient use of the university's infrastructure and to help students graduate sooner.

Arden said that such major changes were inevitable given a long-running slide in North Carolina and nationally in state funding for universities, a slide that accelerated when the economy soured.

"These are organizational efficiencies we're going to have to achieve over the coming years if we're going to be a leading, world-class university," he said. "The institutions that are going to emerge as the strongest in higher education are those that figure out how to operate more effectively and efficiently, and devote a greater percent of their resources to their core mission. And that's what we're trying to do here."


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