Virtual faculty

This won't be the last such hire at Kentucky.  We'll see more and more of this, and it's certainly true that faculty can teach from anywhere.  In fact, the thought of retiring and teaching part-time online from the beach is appealing to me. However, this re-defines the role of faculty and could lead to disengagement from the institution.   Will these distant faculty attend departmental meetings, serve on committees, run for Faculty Senate, or complain about parking like everyone else? From

University of Kentucky hires education professor who'll work from Iowa
The University of Kentucky is hiring its first remotely based professor — educational technology specialist Scott McLeod, who will do most of his work from his home in Ames, Iowa.

McLeod, who is now in New Zealand while on sabbatical from Iowa State University, will be an associate professor in the UK College of Education and director of technology and innovation. That role is designed to help educators use technology to improve achievement of students from kindergarten through college. He also will teach one course each semester.

McLeod, 42, will be paid $115,000 for nine months, compared with his $80,000 salary at Iowa State.


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