You know times are bad

When a 2% cut seems like flat funding.  A report on the Tennessee governor's budget from the Johnson City Press.

Haslam budget cuts $20M in higher ed., 1,200 jobs; local DCS facilities targeted
State spending on higher education would be reduced by 2 percent, or about $20 million, under Haslam's plan, though it does not take tuition increases into account. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission in November recommended raising tuition at least 7 percent at state universities and 5 percent at community colleges and technology centers.

Haslam wants to put about $70 million back in the state's rainy day fund to prepare for the next economic downturn, and urged lawmakers to build up maximum reserves as the economy improves and the state starts collecting more revenue.

"Before we scratch the itch to spend those new dollars, decide whether a better use of the excess funds is an even greater down payment in the rainy day fund," he said.


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