Be the ball

Planning on attending ACHE 2011 in Orlando?  Here's some Zen-like advice on getting maximum return-on-investment from Jeff Kallay in Target X.

Heading to a conference? Here are six tips to maximize ROI.
Whether you’re attending, exhibiting or presenting the cost of participating at a conference is significant, and with budgets the way they are many of you are attending less and conferences.

Be sure to have a plan to maximize your conference ROI. Along with attending sessions featuring TargetX educators and stopping by our exhibits, here are six tips for earning a better return on any conference investment:

1. Be where you are.
2. Don’t feel pressured to do it all.
3. Figure out your balance.
4. Keep up with the buzz.
5. Dial in your deal making.
6. Make the one-day conference your friend.


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