Do you have a lot of vacation time banked?

The Evil HR Lady answers a question from a university administrator that many of us can relate to.  We're stretched so thin that vacations often move to the back burner.  And we suffer for it.

At the end of the day, I don’t really care how other people use (or don’t use) their vacation time. I am just sick of trying to work with people that are constantly stressed out, burned out, and come to work angry. I have heard a number of employees say things to the effect of “If I have to work 60 hours one week to prepare to be gone for a week, and 60 hours the week I come back to get caught up, then I really haven’t had any time off at all. I have just re-arranged my work schedule.” I know I can’t change the entire work culture and single-handedly save the university, but how can I at least break this habit among my own employees and convince them that it really is OK (actually, necessary) to take some time off once in a while?


Eduplanet said…
Great question. I am sure everyone feels like this at some time or another. If educational institutions worked smart and not hard, things like this could be avoided. I would suggest your HR department streamline their professional development process, start starters. My company, Eduplanet is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for continuing education for teachers. We blend social networking and e-learning to shorten the time to mastering, increase retention, and increase engagement. If institutions could avoid redundant staff meetings or in-service days and use their online community instead, they would save time and money. I mean, really, who needs a vacation from a vacation?

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