From the Urban Dictionary

Work Paralysis: (n.) The inability to get work done because of its large quantity. Similar to writer's block, but applies to all work with a deadline.

The stack of paperwork had reached an all time high, and I was hit with work paralysis.

I haven't reached this stage yet, but I had a classic work-anxiety dream last night.  I dreamt I was teaching as an adjunct for Northeast State, and my class ready to start, but I was still 15 miles away at ETSU.  And as I tried to leave, I kept misplacing my iPad and had to stop and keep looking for it.  Then I couldn't find my car keys.  Or my iPhone. And then my jacket was missing.  In the meantime, I wasn't prepared for class, so I was going to break them into groups and discuss something.  Then the departmental secretary from Northeast State called and asked me where I was.  So I was late, unprepared, and wondering why in the heck I ever took on an additional teaching assignment.  But at least I had all my clothes on!  And it wasn't high school!


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