More on the State of Interdisciplinarity

Each year, Dr. Jill Leroy-Frazier has her students conduct a mini-conference where several of them share research papers.  I am always humbled by the quality of their thinking.  One of my staff members attending last night's mini-conference, remarked, "I'm not doing enough thinking!"  "We're administrators, " I reassured her.  "We don't get paid to think."

Here are last night's presenters and their topics: 
Veronica Limeberry, "The State of Interdisciplinarity Today: Food Security, Illusions of the Free Market, and Hope for the Future."

Stephanie Langley, "The Mysticism of Transdisciplinarity."

Cheryl Buckner, "An Interdisciplinary Approach When Using Suboxone to Treat Opiod Addictions."

Valerie Bodell, "Internal and External Stereotypes in Comics."

Patricia Gerard, "Cursive Writing as a Fading Literacy."


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