Still hope for English majors like me

Critical thinking and the ability to write well never go out of style.  From Jessica Stillman's Blog Entry-Level Rebel.

Exactly what valuable intellectual skills do humanities grads offer? Golsby-Smith outlines four: complexity and ambiguity, innovation, communication and presentation, and customer and employee satisfaction. Check out the complete post to read the author’s explanation of how pondering the classics can help in these areas.

The relative merits of tech and liberal arts degrees is an interesting discussion for business leaders, but what does the debate look like from the perspective of someone trying to decide on a college major? Should you study liberal arts if you want to rule in business? There’s anecdotal evidence that a humanities degree can help you in business and A-list economist/ blogger Tyler Cowen is a convert to the liberal-arts-for-business idea, but beware that the statistics are against you (especially if money is a motivator). The highest paid degrees are all technical and the most common major among CEOs is engineering (33 percent). On the other hand, it’s worth knowing that research tells us business students are among the majors who learn the least in college.


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