Always connected to work

By my iPhone.  One big difference between working when I started back in 20th Century and today is that I'm never disconnected from work.  Unless I take the steps to do so.  And the only times I've done that is when I was in Hawaii on vacation and when I was on a cruise recently. I have to say it didn't feel right.  From

iPass Mobile Workforce Report Finds the End of Downtime as Smartphone and Tablet Usage Rise
This quarter’s report found an end to downtime, as 91 percent of mobile workers use their personal downtime to check their smartphones. Nearly 30 percent of mobile workers check their smartphone every six-to-12 minutes during downtime. The report, which drew from the experiences of more than 3,700 mobile employees at 1,100 enterprises worldwide, also found 61 percent of mobile workers sleep with their smartphone; 43 percent within arm’s reach. This intimate relationship with the smartphone has led to 38 percent of mobile workers waking up to check their smartphone during the night and 35 percent checking email first thing in the morning – even before getting dressed or eating breakfast.


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