Cutting off your nose

In a move that may keep students from making timely progress towards their degrees, a community college district guts summer classes.  Perhaps they should consider letting continuing education run their summer programs in an entrepreneurial model.  I know California is a low-tuition state, but summer school can generate revenue. From

College district cutting summer classes
The San Diego Community College District, citing massive state cuts to higher education, said it will dramatically reduce summer class offerings down to minimum levels.

In a letter Friday to current and prospective students, Chancellor Constance Carroll, board President Richard Grosch and the presidents of City, Mesa and Miramar colleges said they were deeply disappointed by the decision.

“The only courses we will be offering will be those to honor specific commitments, including specialized allied health programs and pending summer graduates,” they said in the letter. “Therefore, we will not be producing a summer schedule or issuing registration appointments.”

In an interview Saturday, Carroll said the district will preserve classes for year round programs, such as nursing or paralegal studies. "We will make sure that those will be offered," she said.


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