Gee, you think?

I suspected in the 1970s that an English major would earn less than an engineering major.  At least starting out.  But I'm glad the question is settled--petroleum engineers lead the list with a median salary of $120,000.  It's noted, though, a college degree is still financially worth it in the long run.  And I love the economist's quote at the end.  From Mary Beth Marklein, writing in USA Today.

College major analysis: Engineers get highest salaries
•Annual incomes for liberal arts and humanities majors — think English, history, philosophy — averaged $47,000. About 40% of those majors also obtained a graduate degree, which boosted their average earnings almost 50%.

•Four majors among the 10 with the highest average annual earnings also are among the least popular majors, "suggesting there's a real demand in these areas that we have yet to meet," Carnevale says. Those are mathematics and computer science, naval architecture and marine engineering, metallurgical engineering, and mining and mineral engineering

Richard Fry, an economist who crunched lifetime earnings data for the Pew report, cautions that the data can't predict what today's students will make: "The future is inherently unknown."


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