Health food 101

Everything bad is good again.  Tips on healthy eating and drinking from Time Barribeau in io9.
Want to stay healthy and cancer-free? Have some coffee, chocolate, and wine.
It seems like many of our vices are turning out to have healthy side effects. We already know that chocolate is helpful for circulation, reduces the risk of heart disease, is a cough suppressant, and can keep your brain working as you age (and may be a treatment for HPV). Red wine is one of the most potent antioxidants available, beating out many commercial drugs, and may even prevent blindness.

Now, new research has shown that coffee may join chocolate and wine to form a perfect trinity of healthy deliciousness. In a Swedish study published in Breast Cancer Research, heavy coffee drinkers were found to have statistically significant lower rates of breast cancer.

The study included 6,000 women, comparing non-coffee drinkers to those who downed more than five cups a day. Once they adjusted for other influencing factors (like age at menopause, exercise, weight, education, and a family history of breast cancer) there was a statistically significant drop in breast cancer rates for the coffee swillers.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work for all forms of breast cancer. The results showed that the women who downed five or more cups were 57% less likely get estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer and 33% the progesterone-receptor-negative variant type — types which generally have a worse prognosis than the positive versions.

Chocolate, wine and coffee. Could be worse.


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