I may have mentioned something earlier about liking my iPhone

But even I haven't found the need to use it in the bathtub...

Face-mounted nose stylus for phones is not to be sniffed at
Designer Dominic Wilcox has come up with a Pinocchio-style "finger-nose stylus" that lets you navigate your touchscreen phone hands-free.

He came up with the design after he found that he wanted to use his touchphone in the bath. A wet hand is not a good touchscreen navigation device, so he found himself using his nose to scroll, but found it hard to see precisely where his nose was touching the screen.

The solution was to create a nose extension "finger" that would allow for navigation while holding the phone firmly in his one dry hand (he did not want to risk scrolling and holding with the same hand for fear of dropping the phone).

The stylus comprises a capacitive end point attached to a plaster nose measuring around five inches in length and affixed to the face with elastic. The elongated nose allows the user to navigate around the screen with accuracy.

In Wilcox's inaugural nose-tweet from the bath he wanted to type "Hello I am tweeting with my nose", but due to the phone's auto-correct it came out as "hello I am meeting with my nose". Apparently this caused him to lose two Twitter followers.


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