In case you're still around on May 22

As you may have heard, some think the world as we know it will end on May 21.  So should you party like it's 1999?  Well, I'm always up for a party but I wouldn't go overboard. And I wouldn't stop recruiting adult students for fall semester.  If you're in business, BNET has some tips to profit from the rapture.

Your Guide to the Rapture, a Compelling Business Opportunity
A Christian radio host named Harold Camping has predicted the Rapture for this Saturday. The popularity probably says more about the popular mood than it does about Christianity or Camping. This is the second end to the world he has predicted. The last one was in 1994. While Camping bases his forecast on an algorithm involving dates in the Bible, more secular types have also noted that Saturday is the day after Oprah’s last show.

There are two key problems with the Rapture as a business opportunity: Namely, that the most devoted customers are looking forward to it, and also presumably won’t be around for repeat sales. No worries. Mammon has ways around the lack of God.


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