RIP Indiana University continuing studies

Let me be the first to predict: when the programs are moved to other divisions at IU, they will slowly starve to death.  They won't be core functions, so their resources will diminish.  And no full-time staff are losing a job?  How much money could that truly save? In a few years, a new administration will wonder why IU isn't serving adult students.  Is this fallout from the state outsourcing online programs to Western Governor's University?  From the

IU plans to end continuing studies program
Indiana University is seeking to cut $4 million by closing its 36-year-old School of Continuing Studies, which serves 4,000 mostly nontraditional undergraduate students with evening and online courses.

The gradual closing of the school will be completed by June 30, 2012, IU President Michael A. McRobbie said Wednesday.

The school, primarily in Bloomington, has other locations and online course offerings, as well as night courses.

Mounting budgetary restrictions and the state's desire to limit tuition increases led to the drastic measure, according to a news release.

No employees will lose their jobs, said IU spokesman Larry MacIntyre.

"The majority of these courses are developed and taught by adjunct faculty, which means they are not full-time employees."

The university will save money that would have been paid to those adjunct instructors, who often are hired on a contract basis, he said.

Degrees and diplomas offered by continuing studies, including a bachelor's of general studies, will be transitioned to other schools on IU campuses. Students enrolled in these degree programs also will be transitioned.


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