They complain about the dorm food all the time

Still, they pack it on.  From the Chattanooga

Freshman 15 no urban myth, dietitians say
Disregard it at your own peril, college-bound seniors. The Freshman 15 is no myth.

According to a 2009 study conducted by researchers in the department of nutrition and food sciences at Utah State University, about 23 percent of college freshmen gain 5 percent of their body weight (about 10 pounds) during their first semester.

The study cites “drastic changes to environment and resources” during the transition from high school to college as leading to unhealthy behaviors, including decreased physical activity, sleeping later, higher rates of smoking and drinking, and a lower-quality diet.

Leslie Stephens, 20, a sophomore at Hiwassee College in Madisonville, Tenn., said she has tried to eat in the cafeteria as often as possible but still keeps snacks in her room and visits the student cafe. Building a meal schedule around classes can be difficult, given the cafeteria’s operating hours, Stephens said.


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