Washington for-profit cuts-and-runs

Leave students holding the bag.  From The Spokesman Review.

Alpine College closure leaves students, staff seeking answers
The note on Alpine College’s doors said “permanently closed.” Still-full staff mailboxes and dishes in the employee kitchen sink were signs of the abrupt departure.

Students who arrived Monday for classes or to look for answers were angry.

“I’m lost,” said Christi Snyder, who was taking phlebotomy courses. “Do we have to start (our education) over? It just doesn’t make sense.”

The closure shocked students and staff because it comes just a week after students had started new classes and paid tuition. Spokane Valley’s Alpine College, a for-profit career school licensed in 2002, issued a statement Monday citing money problems as well as concerns for the health of one of the college’s owners as the reasons for shutting down.

Other signals were emerging, too.

County court records show the school allegedly was behind on its taxes and other debts. An executive director, Genevieve Lois Taylor, was fired for allegedly misusing college funds to make about $45,000 in personal purchases and is scheduled to stand trial next month in Spokane County Superior Court for first-degree theft. And in 2007, the school’s owner, Kevin J. Williams, was barred by a national board from practicing as a certified public accountant for two years.


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