Are your summer enrollments up?

I heard from some community college colleagues that their summer enrollments were down.  They blamed the increased cost of tuition, although the rate is the same as it has been for fall and spring.  Our summer enrollments are up.

We are expecting a tuition increase of close to 10% for fall for all Tennessee public institutions except the University of Tennessee.  We'll learn UT's increase later.  I haven't checked the numbers, but someone from Northeast State told me that if that increase takes place this fall, a course at his community college will cost as much as one at ETSU did three years ago.  That's amazing.

Perhaps the high cost of tuition is hitting those lower-income students now and affecting community colleges first.  Or perhaps this is a sign that the economy is improving and people are finding jobs.

How are your summer enrollments?


Hi all...

Enrollment in summer sessions is available to all students at University Park and other Penn State campuses. Courses are offered in a variety of time frames. Thanks for your nice information...

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