The graduate guarantee

This university is offering free post-graduate training to any of its graduates whose employers find deficiencies in their entry-level job skills.  It might be cost efficient for large universities to offer this same guarantee, and then provide any requested training to a third-party online vendor like JER.  Might work.  From NewsOK.

Oklahoma's Cameron University guarantees quality of its graduates
If an Oklahoma employer identifies a deficiency in core employment areas related to the graduate's major, the university will give the graduate free additional training, university officials announced this week. The guarantee applies to students who graduate with a bachelor's degree in spring 2012 or later, said Cameron University President Cindy Ross.

“We want to be accountable to the students, their families and the employers who hire them,” she said.

Ross said the university would consider requests for more training on a case-by-case basis. Each program would be customized to fit the needs of the graduate and his or her employer.

The university could provide training or education through a variety of methods, including distance learning programs, weekend seminars or job site visits by faculty members, she said.

Ross said she doesn't anticipate graduates will need additional training. She said the guarantee is an opportunity for university officials to demonstrate their certainty in the quality of Cameron's graduates and programs.

“I have every confidence that our graduates are competent and workforce ready,” she said.

Cameron University graduates about 1,000 students a year, including about 700 who earn bachelor's degrees.


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