Summer school enrollments

I mentioned earlier that several of my colleagues had mentioned their summer enrollments were down while ours were up.  Evidently, this pattern is being repeated nationwide, as this aptly-named piece from Inside Higher Education reports.  I didn't pull it, but the University of Oklahoma's efforts are highlighted.  Seems they centralized the function and had great results.  Hmmmmm.

Trendless Summer
Last year, many colleges enjoyed record-breaking summer enrollment, growth that was largely attributed to the poor economy and students wanting to get out of college as quickly and cheaply as possible (many institutions mark down tuition and housing costs during the summer term).

This year, the results are more mixed, and it’s harder to discern a trend. While many colleges are reporting declines in summer enrollment for the first time since the economic downturn started, a few institutions are reaping the benefits of concerted marketing efforts – which, in one of the most extreme cases, boosted new student enrollment by 70 percent.


I agree that many students do want to earn their degree faster than normal. There is a problem with this though. It is hard to juggle working full time and school, and when you're a college student working during the summer months is crucial! This may be the reason that some students decided to enroll more last year and not as much this year. Maybe they didn't earn as much money being enrolled in summer school.
Hello Friends,

Nice information! Summer school is optional, so some parents decide not to send their children, even though it is free for elementary students. Those students end up repeating the grade. Thanks a lot for sharing with us...

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