Tales of the non-traditional

More news about graduation and adult and continuing education students.  From Bill Graves, writing in The Oregonian.

This year 18,896 graduated from state universities, and about 10,600 will participate in commencement this weekend.

Using age as a measure, about 38 percent of undergraduates are non-traditional. The proportion age 25 or older: 21 percent at the University of Oregon; 27 percent at Oregon State University; 60 percent at PSU; and 68 percent at Eastern Oregon University.

Non-traditional students look even higher by another measure -- transfers into the school they are graduating from. For example, one-third of graduates at the University of Oregon and two-thirds at Portland State are transfers. Nearly a fourth of Western Oregon University's graduates are married, and eight married couples will graduate Saturday.


Lena Liberto said…
Rick Osborn-

I found your article to be very enlightening and informative! I think it's great that you are providing readers with statistics regarding the adult student. It is important for society to know who is being educated so we can provide resources catered to them. I have a website called CollegeDegreesToday.com that does just that! It's a great resource for the adult student that has many different degree options to find out information from and more! I hope you check it out today and find it as informative as I found this article and your entire blog to be.
Colleen said…
I agree this trend is an interesting one to follow. I am an adult student in grad school and find that many of my fellow classmates are adults of various ages. Going back to school for economic reasons as a result of the economy, but just as many are there for personal and professional growth.

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