That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.  Turns out, maybe, not so much.  From Kimberly Weisul writing in BNET.

What’s in a Name? It’s Not Just Anthony Weiner Who Should Wonder
Okay, so your last name isn’t Weiner. Still, your name may hold some important clues to your future, according to research from John Waggoner of Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.

Previous research has shown that the names parents choose for their children varies with their socioeconomic status and their education level. Waggoner wondered, if, in turn, people’s names also broadcast some sort of expectations to others. He recruited 89 undergraduates, about half of whom were prospective teachers, and asked them to predict, on a scale of one to ten, about how well a student with a given name would perform academically.

The results? Participants in his study had lower expectations of people whose names were associated with lower education (on the part of moms) and lower socioeconomic status. “What future teachers expect is that Cody will do a lot worse in school, relatively, than Benjamin and Samuel,” Waggoner said.


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