Continuing education genius

Sometimes a continuing education program is just a perfect blend of need, location, and imagination.  Add in this case--seasoning. All hail Central Carolina Community College from across the mountains!  From The Community College Times.

The nitty, gritty of being a BBQ judge
Earlier this month, Joan Haverson drove 200 miles to take part in a certified barbecue judging class at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) in North Carolina.

She said the trip from Charlottesville, Va., was worth it.

“The class was well done, lively, interesting—and delicious,” she said.

Haverson and more than 50 others from North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida gathered at the college’s Harnett County Campus to learn how to judge barbecue and become Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS)-certified competition judges. Class members included competition barbecue and backyard cooks, as well as people who just love to eat barbecue.

Don Harwell, KCBS vice president and class instructor, shared his expertise on judging barbecue. KCBS is the official sanctioning body of barbecue cooking competitions and judges must be KCBS certified.

During the more than four-hour class, participants learned about the types of meats used in a competition, how they are cooked and presented for judging, the rules cooks and judges must follow, and how to judge the meat by KCBS standards.

Then came the fun part—sampling barbecued chicken, pork, ribs and brisket and judging them by KCBS standards. Class members then discussed the ratings they gave each entry, from 2 for inedible to 9 for excellent, based on appearance, taste, and tenderness. Actual KCBS judging sheets were used by the students to score each sample....

More people signed up than we anticipated because those from out of state found out about it from the national KCBS website,” said Len Royals, CCCC director of continuing education in Harnett County. “We had continuing education staff and helpers firing up the grills at 6 a.m. to cook all the meat for the class, but it was worth it. We will definitely be offering this class again.”


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