God help me I do love Top 10 lists

I'm sure there's more than ten, but this is a start.  Here's half of 's list.  Read the rest at BNET. And while I take my iPhone with me to the bathroom, I keep it my pocket are rarely use it.  Of course, when I'm in the bathroom, that's when my office phone rings...

10 Things You Should Never Do at Work
  1. Say or write anything you wouldn’t want plastered on the Yahoo home page, or in the hands of the SEC, FTC, DOJ, or IRS. You have zero expectation of privacy at work and should therefore assume that anything and everything is being recorded for all eternity and will come back to haunt you at the worst possible time. That includes emails, phone calls, even hallway or parking lot conversations.
  2. Over-apologize. We all make mistakes and it’s always good to fess up, but in business, you can go too far and actually make matters worse. If it’s a minor issue, just a quick “sorry about that” is fine. If it’s a big screw-up, apologize in private, face-to-face. Look the guy in the eye, say your piece, and be done with it. If you want confirmation, then ask, “Are we good now?” Don’t grovel, make promises you can’t keep, or anything else. Just man-up and leave it alone.
  3. Take your smartphone to the bathroom. Hopeless addiction to smartphones, needing to stay connected 24×7, and being constantly pressed for time, do not belong in a place where flushes can be heard on the other end of the line or, God forbid, the thing can drop into something wet, white, and porcelain. Leave it in your pocket and, if it rings, have the good sense not to answer.
  4. Cross swords with your boss, your boss’s boss, or any other boss. Too many of you just don’t get how civilization, organization, or the lack of either - which we affectionately call the jungle - works. You simply don’t square off with your boss or anyone in the chain of command. If you lose, you lose; if you win, you still lose. It’ll end badly and reflect badly on you no matter how it goes down. If you want to know how to deal with a bad boss, click the link.
  5. Go looking for trouble. If you’re in a bad mood or pissed off at somebody or something, walk it off or treat yourself to a nice greasy donut or something. If you go looking for trouble, however, I can almost guarantee you will find it and it won’t end well for you. Don’t pick fights, push buttons, or otherwise give anyone a hard time. It’s called acting out, it’s childish, and it’ll stunt your career, bigtime.


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