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The lottery rebounds.  From The Tennessean.

Tennessee lottery takes in more than $1 billion
The Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. released record-breaking year-end results Monday with nearly $300 million going to education in the state this year.

The lottery also reports $1.19 billion in total sales, a 4.2 percent increase over the previous year.
Since ticket sales began in January 2004, the lottery has given $2.07 billion to education.
Total sales have reached $7.8 billion. 
Since lottery-funded education programs began, including the well-known HOPE Scholarship, they have been expanded to include 14 programs that include 11 scholarships and grants for Tennessee students seeking assistance with higher education. 
More than 100,000 students received awards to higher education institutions in the state during the past academic year alone, according to the Tennessee Student Assistance Corp., the agency that oversees lottery-funded programs.

Lottery funds are also used to support other education-related initiatives, such as after-school programs and an ongoing project to make schools more energy-efficient.


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