Tales of the non-traditional

This is no longer all that unusual.  We've had several military students complete their degrees while on active duty.  This tale is from AOL.com.

College Anytime, Anywhere -- Even in Afghanistan
For every great reason people have for returning to school to finish their college degrees, their busy lives seem to offer up a discouraging excuse. While adult students often have many more family and career responsibilities than their younger counterparts do, the good news is that even the busiest of people are finding success at going back to school -- and that includes men and women in the military.

As if going back to school weren't already overwhelming, a growing number of men and women are combining a degree program with active duty, sometimes stationed in places like the corners of Iraq and Afghanistan -- where it's difficult to envision there ever being a chalkboard, let alone an Internet connection. It wasn't easy for Sgt. Daniel Staggs of the U.S. Air Force, but his college degree is proof that it can be done. A recent Ashford University graduate who earned his bachelor's degree in social and criminal justice online while stationed in Afghanistan, Staggs says that it's all in the preparation.


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