Tennessee at 47th

Someone once said that you can have good roads or good schools but not both.  We have good roads in Tennessee.  I know money isn't everything, but eventually you need to invest in education to see anything more than token results. Tennessee does do a better job of producing graduates than the other lower-funded states.  From Delen Goldberg, writing in The Las Vegas Sun.

If a state spends more on schools, will students perform better?

That’s the question being debated in Nevada and nationwide as states grapple with shrinking budgets and parents and leaders debate how best to educate children.

The short answer is: not necessarily. A recent analysis by the U.S. Census Bureau, coupled with graduation statistics compiled by Education Week, shows the amount of money a state spends on a student doesn’t necessarily correlate with how well that student performs. In other words, many generous states have woefully low graduation rates, while some stingier states graduate students en mass.

On average, states spent $10,499 per pupil during the 2008-09 school year, the most recent year for which figures were available. Leading the country was New York, which spent almost double that per student. Utah rounded up the bottom, shelling out just more than half that.


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