Tips for the rest of your family while you're at ACHE

Just because you're busy with the ACHE Annual Conference and Meeting doesn't mean the rest of your family can't have fun at nearby Disney World.  Here are some survival advice from CBS Money Watch.

Build in downtime: This seems counterintuitive, if you want to get the most for your money. But spending every waking hour riding rides and viewing attractions is a recipe for burnout and misery. Plan a morning off, or take an afternoon with a nap followed by a dip in the hotel pool. Be realistic about your family’s energy level in the heat, especially if you have young ‘uns and you’re hoping to see fireworks later.

Start each day early: Plan to arrive at your destination 30 minutes before the gates open. Have your tickets and be ready to go. Take the early-bird routine seriously, and enjoy the first hour without fighting the crowds.

Skip the meal plan: That’s according to Sehlinger and Vince, anyway. (Vince’s wife, however, thinks they got a good deal with the meal plan.) Sehlinger says there’s not enough flexibility with the meal plan, and kids’ choices are overly restrictive — even the pickiest tot can eat chicken fingers and French fries only so many times during a week. Or if you’re standing in line for a ride during lunch hour, and you end up eating lunch at 2:30, what do you do about the 6 p.m. dinner reservations you booked six months previously?


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