What are you complaining about?

You got your money?  Things like this are why at least one prominent continuing educator left Illinois (and the Midwest) for green pastures. That and the fact that providers turned down his state health insurance because they weren't sure that they would be paid...
From The News-Gazette

Parkland gets promised state money after 20 years News-Gazette.com
Parkland College has finally received money, $24 million, first promised to it 20 years ago to pay for projects that will allow it to register more students.

President Tom Ramage said capital appropriations of $15.44 million for the Student Services addition and $9.18 million for its already-started Applied Technology addition came through at the same time that Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon visited Thursday to hear from students, parents and staff at a roundtable.

"These requests go back about 20 years," Ramage said. "We had some of the money, but on these two projects, the state matches 75 percent of costs."

The Applied Technology addition is expected to be finished in the spring of 2012 and Student Services in December 2013.


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