Big Extension cuts at UT

They've lost over 100 position in the past 8 months.  From the Knoxville News Sentinel.

UT Extension to cut 44 grant-funded jobs
University of Tennessee officials on Monday informed 44 employees running nutrition education programs across the state that their jobs would be eliminated on Sept. 30 because federal grant funding was cut.

Another 12 vacant positions were also eliminated, bringing the total number of employee cuts this year in the University of Tennessee Extension to 116 positions after state budget cuts led to the elimination of 60 jobs in January.

The Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program, a service for families who receive food stamps to teach them good eating habits, had its funding reduced from $3.9 million to $1 million. The cut was to federal funding that was distributed by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, which has been negotiating with UT over how much money it will get after the reductions.


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