Good advice for new deans

From Gary A. Olson writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education. I've listed just one item below.  I guess one thing I'd add has to do with staff responsibilities.  Give responsibility and step back.  Expect growing pains. I don't know how many times I've said to someone unhappy with change: I can't give her responsibility and then tell her how to do her job.

If Only I Knew Then ...
Don't rush to judgment. It's a daily reality for most academic administrators to hear from someone with a compelling account of a dispute who wants us to take action based on that individual's version of events. It is all too easy to leap to the conclusion that the most recent narrative you've heard is "the truth." We all are susceptible to a rush to judgment. The wise administrator waits to hear the competing story, which, inevitably, will be equally compelling. The most effective administrators monitor themselves constantly to avoid potentially costly blunders in rushing to judgment before hearing all sides.


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