I got this email

From Jennifer directing me to a contest that might interest adult learners.  I've quit Facebook so I couldn't check out the link. Here's the text of the message.
I work for a college credit exam program where many of our students are adult learners, much like your readers. We’ve just launched a pretty cool contest on our Facebook page where entrants will get the chance to win $750 (the average amount saved by earning college credit through DSST vs. taking a 3-credit course at a traditional university). I think your audience would be eager to enter, and hey, who couldn’t use an extra $750?

In order to submit an entry, users must visit the contest tab on our Facebook page [http://on.fb.me/oe1IJq] and answer the following 3 questions:

1. What is your story? [Ex: “I’m a single mother going back to school”]
2. What can DSST do for you? [Ex: “Allow me to stay at home with my child while earning a degree”]
3. What would you do with the $750 you could save by earning college credit with DSST? [Ex: “Buy a year’s worth of diapers”]
Each month, one entrant will win a free DSST test. The grand prize is $750 towards the item(s) indicated in the answer to question #3. All contest entries will be judged on their level of creativity, clarity, and relation to educational needs.


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