Kentucky, North Carolina and nine other states are working

To change adult basic education.  From The Community College Times.

11 states to revamp adult basic ed programs
Eleven states are participating in a new national initiative to redesign adult education to better prepare adults for jobs. Nearly 40 community colleges across the country will be involved.

Jobs for the Future (JFF) has announced that Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon and Wisconsin are participating in the Accelerating Opportunity: A Breaking Through Initiative, which targets workers unprepared for the job market. It builds on JFF’s innovative adult education initiative Breaking Through, as well as Washington state’s I-BEST program.

“Building from our previous work with Breaking Through, states will get the opportunity to identify the barriers to success for their residents and design a plan that will address the unique needs of their workforces and communities,” said Maria Flynn, JFF vice president of building economic opportunity.

Each state will receive $200,000 to redesign adult basic education (ABE) and postsecondary programs to integrate basic skills with practical, occupational training. About five of the states will then each receive a $1.6 million grant over three years to implement their plans. The states will be announced in mid-November.

For the initial group, JFF looked at states where the higher education system governed ABE, Flynn said. Eligible states submitted design proposals, as well as information such as ongoing policy and programmatic efforts related to ABE, she said. The proposals also noted ABE challenges in the state.


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