More Extension cuts

This time in Missouri.  State budget cuts, of course.  From The Columbia Missourian.

UPDATE: MU Extension to close, scale back rural technology centers
Funding cuts have forced nine centers that provide technology and education access to rural areas to close or scale back their operations.

Two decades ago, the University of Missouri Extension began operating nine Telecommunication Community Resource Centers with the help of community partners that included school districts and junior colleges. In one case, a hospital was a partner.

The centers — located in the Missouri towns of Mexico, Reeds Spring, Kirksville, Salem, Nevada, Jefferson City, Portageville, Poplar Bluff and the Mineral area — used interactive television to help people access continuing education and for-credit college classes. Some of them offered public access to computers with Internet access.

However, facing a $2 million budget cut from the state, the extension announced in November 2010 it would eliminate the $800,000 in annual funding to the centers. The extension, which had provided the bulk of the centers' funding, gave the communities where the centers are located a year to make other arrangements.

Now, some of the centers are starting to close, and the ones that remain are losing staff. The fate of some remains uncertain.


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