On another Iowa note

Like nearly every other state, funding for higher education in Iowa plummets.  Makes you wonder where all those students at The University of Iowa get their money to party.  From The Des Moines Register.

Study notes sizable drop in state higher-ed funding
State funding for Iowa's community colleges and three state universities has declined in the past 13 years, prompting tuition increases that have made higher education harder to attain, according to a study released Friday by the Iowa Policy Project.

"World-Class on a Shoestring Budget" says lawmakers have funneled $33 billion to the state's K-12 schools since 1998. Support for the state's public universities and community colleges during that same period has dropped by more than $400 million when adjusted for inflation, it says.

Andrew Cannon, a researcher for the Iowa Policy Project who authored the study, compared state education spending with Iowa's total personal income. The study showed that the state's total investment in education compared with the available resources has dropped from 3.3 percent in fiscal 1998 to 2.74 percent in fiscal 2012.

The drop has come as schools are being held more accountable for preparing all students to be competitive in a global marketplace, Cannon said.


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