Race to the top

Even Alabama and Louisiana do better Tennessee on the ACT.  I know that it does make a difference when all of your graduates take the exam instead of just those interested in going to college, but still...When are we going to climb out of the bottom?  From The Tennessean.

Tennessee continues to linger near the bottom of the U.S. in ACT scores, which hovered between 19 and 20 points in all four subject areas for a second year. Its composite score for 2011 graduates was 19.5, compared with 21.1 for the nation. The highest score possible is 36.

A report out today from the group that administers the college admissions test also shows only 15 percent of 2011 Tennessee graduates hit all four benchmarks that indicate career and college readiness.

But Tennessee is one of eight states that require all students to take the ACT before graduation, which drops its average score. Only Mississippi, which also tests 100 percent of graduates, posted a lower composite score, 18.7.

In 2009, Tennessee launched a stringent new curriculum and testing system aimed at readying students to compete with their peers nationwide.


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