Retraining program for adults

Although this continuing education program at Belmont was canceled due to low enrollment, it appears to have had good results. From The Tennessean.

Displaced GM workers retool for new professions

Wilson signed up for a Belmont University teaching certification program, offered free to displaced plant workers through federal and state grants at a new technical training center inside the Northfield building on the GM campus. Of the 15 who earned teacher certification, Wilson and a dozen others went on to earn a master’s degree on their own dime.

Ravenwood Principal Pam Vaden said Wilson is a rare find in that he can teach both chemistry and physics. She observed his performance when he did his student teaching at Ravenwood.

“I just noticed how the students were really connecting with him and how he really engages them,” Vaden said.

'Excellent students'

Trevor Hutchins, associate dean at Belmont, said the university won’t be continuing the teaching certification program at Northfield because of the low numbers in the program. He said it needs 15 at a minimum and would prefer about 30 aspiring teachers.

Hutchins said Belmont administrators expected success stories like Wilson’s from among the displaced autoworkers.


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