Some of America's least active cities are nearby

According to Men's Health. Lexington is the most sedentary; Nashville is 8th; Memphis is 13th.  Don't they know it's hot outside?  Lexington, at least, is taking its designation in stride, planning a Sedentary Parade in the fall.  From

Sedentary Parade Planned in Lexington
"We really feel like this needs to be a good response to Men's Health mentioning us as the most sedentary city," said Liza Holland, president of the 16th District PTA which is organizing the 5K. She said the PTA is working to secure sponsors to cover the cost of the race and the $15 entry fee will go to the schools.

Martin said it's a way to transform bad publicity into something good.

Following the Men's Health article, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert presented Lexington with a "Golden Reacher-Grabber Award." (A reacher-grabber being pinchers on a stick for someone too lazy to, say, stand up and get the remote.)


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