That's too bad

I used to like Management by Walking Around.  Of course, when I tried to combine that with The One Minute Manager, I had to turn into the Flash to be effective.  Now if we could only get rid of strategic planning.  Sigh.

Steve Tobak, writing in BNET, puts some once popular management strategies to bed.  Sleep tight.  I've listed his first six.

Top 10 Management Fads Du Jour BNET
1. The boss is always right. All successful executives and leaders know that when people kiss your butt and tell you what you want to hear, the end is near. Smart bosses know when to shut up and listen, know just how much they don’t know, and encourage others to challenge the status quo.

2. Outsourcing. Now that we’ve learned that outsourcing is a slippery slope that starts with a little and ends with China overtaking the U.S. as the world’s economic power in five or ten years, it’s high time we bring manufacturing back to America.

3. Management by Objective. This example clearly illustrates the problem with MBOs. A manager at a high-tech company actually wrote a set of objectives that included this: Ensure that the break room fridge is well-stocked with beer and wine. Nobody noticed. That’s the problem with MBOs. Nobody has time to follow up or even read them.

4. Core competency. A brilliant concept that still has a lot of value but the complexity of modern business means there are just too many exceptions. I mean, what’s Microsoft’s or Sony’s core competency these days? How about Google, which just announced it’s buying Motorola Mobility and becoming a cell phone company?

5. The One Minute manager. This was actually a great concept for the 80s and I did benefit from it as a young manager, but these days, business is just a tad bit more fast-paced. Maybe the one nanosecond manager …

6. Strategic planning. Rarely has such a critical concept been so poorly executed by so many consultants, executives and companies. The phrase is now synonymous with wasting time and money. It’s sad and embarrassing. Really. Anyway, if your company needs it - and they all do - better off calling it something else.


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