UM awarded grant

To support first generation college students.  I guess I'm a little surprised that an urban university has so many first generation students, but perhaps I shouldn't be. We have a lot at ETSU and we keep that it mind when we initiate retention efforts. From the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

University of Memphis wins funds for students who want to break family education patterns
The University of Memphis has just beaten dozens of other colleges in a grab for cash to help support first-generation students.

U of M is one of only two of 47 colleges, along with Washington State University, to land a $860,000 grant from The Suder Foundation. The money will mostly go to renewable four-year $5,000 scholarships in the creation of the university's planned First Scholars Program. About $130,000 of that grant money will go to operational costs such as staff salaries and supplies.

Since 2009, a handful of colleges have joined the initiative, including the University of Alabama and the University of Kentucky.

First-generation students are the first in their families to attend college, a situation prevalent in Memphis, where 23 percent of the population has a college degree.

Nationally, reported U of M, only 36 percent of first-generation students earn a bachelor's degree within six years, as opposed to 60 percent of students whose parents have college degrees.

In the fall of 2010, 39 percent of full-time, first-time freshmen at U of M were first-generation students.


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