Bluefield College cuts tuition for adult students

Not too many others are going down this path.  Too bad.  I worry that many degree completion programs are now too expensive. It's also pretty cool how Bluefield is packaging a netbook and ebooks into the whole fee. From

Bluefield College is making it easier for working adults to return to school to complete a degree.

The school is reducing its annual tuition and fees for degree completion students by 25-percent.
“We want to ease the economic burden of adults who are trying to go back to college to complete their bachelor’s degree,” said Dr. Robert Shippey, vice president for academic affairs. “This reduction in tuition puts us in a position to be a better value for students and helps them get that quality higher education they so deeply desire.”
Tuition for inSPIRE degree completion students at Bluefield College will now run $325 per credit hour, compared to $385 per credit hour this past spring.
That’s a 16-percent reduction. In addition to paying less tuition, BC inSPIRE students will receive a free Netbook computer and complimentary e-textbooks as part of the tuition package. Students enrolled in BC’s 36 hour core curriculum before the tuition adjustment paid roughly $15,360 in annual tuition and fees, including books, said Dr. Dale Henry. Now, he added, they’ll pay just $11,600 annually, which includes the Netbook computer and e-books.


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