College rankings

Do they really mean anything? And will they ever end? The Commercial Appeal wonders the same thing.

'Healthiest' campus or 'happiest'?
This year, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is a top-50 "best value" college, reported the Princeton Review.

Forbes listed it as 512th on a list of its 650 "America's best colleges."

The Fiske Guide to Colleges labeled it as one of 25 "best buy" public universities this year. And Playboy, which gives its rankings in April, made the Vols' flagship the country's No. 8 party school.

Although that last bit rivals Vanderbilt University, which Newsweek ranked this year as both the nation's No. 7 "horniest" college and its No. 22 "happiest" campus -- two positions that are almost surely entwined somehow.

UT gets ranked so often and so prominently that it maintains a webpage just to showcase them:


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